ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd is an Australian owned manufacturer and distributor of a range of products and services to the Domestic and International Health Industry.

We have been supplying the healthcare industry for over 20 years, we always ensure that we supply premium quality products, these includes sharp containers, a range of needles and syringes, disinfection chemicals, sharp disposal bins.

ASP Healthcare distributes a range of well known Australian and International brands such as:

– Becton Dickinson
– Terumo
– Nipro
– Pfizer

Medical Supplies

As well as being a unique supplier to the health and harm reduction industry, ASP Healthcare stocks and retails some of the leading brands in Medical Supplies. We have amongst our extensive range of branded products, surgical masks, ventilation equipment, water for injection, saline, syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, sanitising and commercial and medical cleaning products from leading manufactures such as Pfizer, Becton Dickinson, Covidien, Terumo, Whiteley and Nipro. We only stock and supply products of the highest quality. When it comes to health and safety, there are no short cuts, no compromises when dealing with the lives and well-being of people. All products are manufactured in accordance with CE or ISO 9001:2015 standards and then the various standards that apply to the products at an individual level. All products are bar-coded and can be tracked from date of manufacture to the date of its end use.

Please contact our sales team to purchase our products in wholesale (pallets), in smaller quantities (cartons), or arrange a long term supply arrangement. Our associations within the Pharmaceutical industry extend well over 15 years. If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, let us know and we may be able to source it for you at a very competitive price.

Sharps Disposal

Medical waste disposal is a vital aspect of our healthcare system. Due to the sheer volume of activities undertaken and the large and complex nature of illnesses and patients that are treated hospitals have large amounts of by-products of waste. Waste management on-site and subsequent disposal is critical to the safety and well-being of all. Not only do hospitals have patients to protect and service they need to be mindful of the safety of their staff as well as the safety of hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. Blood borne viruses, needle stick injury, contamination, odour, vapour (virus transmitting) are some of the hazards of an unmanaged waste containment system on site. The risk is even greater when the waste is taken off site for disposal.

ASP Healthcare is able to put your mind at ease. Rest assured we can provide you with the solutions to contain the waste on site and eventually take off site for secure destruction. We have access to facilities around the country to meet your sharps waste disposal needs. We have access to transportation vehicles which are well equipped (both vehicle fit out and suitability qualified operators/drivers) to pick up waste from your premises for destruction. Our modern facilities are suited to the disposal of medical waste, sharps waste, surgical waste, bio waste and cyto-toxic waste, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We have an experienced sales team who are happy to meet you, conduct a site audit and recommend a cost effective waste containment and disposal plan for your facility free of charge. Contact us for more details on this offer.

Sharps Containers

Did you know a single used syringe disposed of in a residential garbage bin is capable of costing the Government tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs? The medical costs in managing someone injured with an infected needle can run over 7 years and cost almost $140,000. That’s for a single patient, and does not take into account other consequential costs including welfare payments, counselling, and the wider social impact on family members. This could be all due to one single syringe. Consider this, we have over 1 million sharps disposed of every week. It’s a scary thought isn’t it! Our health system would not cope with costs of such magnitude.

Our extensive range of sharps and medical disposal containers are assured to meet your needs. Our sharps containers are used widely in hospitals and in harm reduction sectors. Secondary uses are household markets (self-injecting diabetics, hormone replacement therapy clients, erectile dysfunction suffers) fashion industries such as hairdressers and barber shops and veterinary clinics. So really it can be any industry which makes use of disposable items that can be considered sharp and hence pose risks to the community if not disposed of properly. Our products, due to the high quality standards, are the choice product for the Harm Reduction Services Sector in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. We manufacture sharps containers in Australia under strict quality guidelines, which ensures many of our products meet the quality standards of AS4031:1992, AS4939:2001, FDA. These are some of the well-known national and international standards that apply to the manufacture of sharps containers.

Okay so what does all this mean? It means that our products are audited regularly by independent governing bodies for quality and conformance to standards. It is peace of mind for you and the public at large that our sharps containers are amongst the safest devices that can be used to contain and dispose of potentially dangerous and lethal sharps and medical waste. Don’t take our word for it, rest assured that our products have been independently tested to make sure we do what we say. We are happy to prove this to you, with a no obligation, free trial of our products. Call us today to find out more.