Masks – Resmed CPAP Masks, Non Invasive Ventilation

Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) interfaces with the patient through either a full face mask or a nasal mask. Resmed have been pionering this interface for over 25 years and offer the most comprehensive range of masks to patients who need treatment for conditions like sleep apnoea and chronic respiratory disease. With many of those conditions now being treated in the Homecare environment NIV continues to expand its application.

The full face mask is designed to create a seal around both month and nose, through Resmed’s patented dual wall technology the mask seal is created through the positive pressure rather than tightening head straps. This technology combined with the lowest profile and the lightest weight of any mask on the market means your patients receive superior comfort which leads to greater compliance.

The nasal mask or the nasal pillow is designed to cover the nose and provide therapy through the nasal passages only. This interface can be as effective as the full face mask however with Resmed’s slim unobtrusive design and minimal touch points this interface can be far less intimidating for patients.

ASP Healthcare is proud to be able to offer the complete range of Resmed masks and welcome any questions you may have about the mask technology.

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