Harm Reduction

We initially developed the FITPACKĀ® Container in close collaboration with the NSW Department of Health in response to their concerns, and those of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch), of the risk of the spread of HIV/Aids in the community.

The result was FITPACKĀ® Containers supplying sterile injecting equipment with a unique self-disposal facility for used (non-sterile) hypodermic syringes.

Today the FITPACKĀ® MK II is the only personal sharp container in the world that is British Standards, Australian Standards and FDA approved.

Our sharps kits are supplied to the NSP Program of various State Health Department. These kits can also be purchased in a range pharmacies thorough Australia.

ASP Healthcare is not just a sharps container supplier, our product range includes a full range of syringes and needles from Becton and Dickinson (BD), Terumo and Nipro.

As part of our commitment to Harm Reduction ASP Healthcare also supplies: a range of condoms, dams, lubricants, tourniquets, gloves. We also manufacture and supply a range of sharps disposal bins and Vending Machines, ASP Healthcare also now pick-up and destroy sharp containers.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for further details or brochures.