Modern harm reduction policies are not judgmental. They date back to the early 90s and are based on the acceptance that many individuals regularly need to inject themselves for health reasons; whilst for others the use of drugs is a common feature of our society.*

As an early innovator in the field, ASP Healthcare has played a major role in designing products targeted at helping reduce the spread of blood borne viruses. Under the brand of FITPACKĀ® we now have over one hundred different harm reduction products.

*These principles of harm reduction are adapted from those set out by The Canadian Center on Substance Abuse (CCSA 1996), and Lenton and Single 1998.


ASP has been involved in the Harm Reduction sphere since 1988 when in co-operation with the NSW Government, we developed a sharp container for the needle and syringe program. In 2005 ASP Healthcare was formed to manage the Healthcare products that its parent company ASP Plastics was manufacturing.