“A British survey showing nearly half of nurses live in daily fear of contracting HIV and hepatitis in the workplace confirms needle-stick infection is the great unspoken crisis facing our profession. The Royal College of Nursing survey said an estimated 100,000 health workers suffer needle-stick injuries each year, with at least five leading to HIV. In NSW, a needle-stick injury hotline operated by NSW Health and the Albion St Centre reports that nurses make up a third of callers.

Source NSW Nurses’ Association magazine.

According to statistics compiled by the Medical Industry Association, at least one in nine nurses in NSW will suffer a sharps injury each year. A needle-stick or sharps injury occurs when the skin is punctured by a used needle, scalpel or other sharp instrument, putting nurses at risk of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C through exposure to contaminated blood.

Source NSW Nurses’ Association magazine.

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