By using a FITPACK® Container you can help prevent the spread of blood borne viruses like hepatitis C. The FITPACK® Container is a tamper-resistant container for carrying and disposing of needles and syringes.

The  FITPACK® range of sharps containers are a compact high quality injection moulded container with an integral moulded lid and handle. Equipped with patented syringe disposal one-way flap and sliding divider system. The FITPACK®  is the only personal sharps bin that provides for storage and transportation of new syringes and equipment and disposal of used equipment in the same container.

The FITSTICK™ Container is a high quality injection moulded single use sharps container. A single syringe is inserted into the container after usage and locked into the container by its locking arm system inside the container. This container allows the safe disposal of a single syringe. Also designed to destroy the needle rendering it unusable.

The FITTUBE™ Container Mini will hold up to 10 x 1ml syringes, used for disposal only. Superior impact, crush and needle penetration resistance. The convenient cylindrical shape is ideal for discrete remote use.


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